John Barrett (1821-1884)


John Barrett was the fifth son and sixth child of John Barrett and Mary Hanley. The Barretts were a well-to-do family who leased a large amount of land in the townland of Finnor, Roscommon, Ireland. John was born in 1821 and John and Mary had another six children after him. They lived in “Finnor House.”

Finnor House Roscommon Ireland

Finnor House and Outbuildings Roscommon, Ireland

John Barrett followed his older brother Martin to the Balla area of County Mayo. He married Mary Finn in 1850, and they had a farm at Lisnolan, Mayo.

John Barrett supported land reform in Ireland, and at one stage during the Land War he was chairman of the Balla branch of the National Land League. His family was evicted from their Lisnolan farm and were living at Prizon townland when John died in 1884.

Lisnolan - Griffiths - Barrett No 5

Lisnolan – Griffiths Valuation – Barrett No 5

There is some information on John Barrett in an article I wrote about one of his sons, Michael F Barrett. Have a look here in the section under Land War. I submitted the article as part of the 101 Mayo People project.

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