Favourite Photo – Week 2


This week’s 52 ancestors prompt is ‘favourite photo.’ That’s a tough one. How do you pick a favourite?

This photo is one of my favourites for several reasons. The foremost is because I gained it through the collaboration of my mother with a relative. Mum was always a proponent of my digging around for genealogy information, and in this case, it wasn’t even her family!

Another reason I like it is that it represents a bit of old-fashioned photoshopping for the 4-generation photo, necessary as the older lady wasn’t in the studio but on the other side of the country.​ Last week, I wrote about Isabella and James Bennett moving to Western Australia for a fresh start (Isabella is the one on the left). 

The four people in the photo (from oldest to youngest) are Jessie Bainbridge (then Smith), Isabella Purcell (then Bell), Walter Henry Bennett, and my Uncle Wal. It is one of the very few photos I have of Jessie.

Jessie Bainbridge came from the coal mining area of Northumberland in England to Victoria, Australia as a young girl. She survived the sudden death of her husband with eight offspring to look after, remarried and had four more children. She died in 1938 aged 91.

Genealogy Snapshot

Name: Elizabeth Jessie Bainbridge (Jessie) (abt 1847-1938)
Parents: John Bainbridge (abt 1818-1885) and Isabella Short (abt 1821-1901) 
Spouse: William Patrick Purcell (1845-1879)
Spouse’s Parents: John Purcell (?-bef 1849) and Ellen Fitzgibbon (abt 1823-1898)
Surnames: Bainbridge, Short, Purcell, Fitzgibbon, Bennett
Relationship to Shelley: Jessie is Shelley’s 2x great grandmother

  1. Elizabeth Jessie Bainbridge (Jessie) (abt 1847-1938) (great, great grandmother)
  2. Isabella Purcell (1875-1936) (great grandmother)
  3. Walter Henry Bennett (1896-1934) (grandfather)
  4. Father
  5. Shelley

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