Same Name – Week 6



Izetta is an old English name that means ‘renowned for her beauty.’

The first Izetta in the family that I know of was Izetta Jones, born about 1782 in Cheshire, England. She married musician William Wrenshall in Liverpool, Lancashire. They had a daughter Izetta in 1815 and two granddaughters with Izetta as first or second name. One more generation and there was another with Izetta as a first name.

After that, there were no more Izettas as a first name, but the tradition has lived on with several descendants having their middle name as Izetta. The most recent that I am aware of was Chris’s aunt, Nancy Izetta Burden.

Baptism Certificate – Nancy Izetta Burden 1922

Izetta Jones abt 1783- 1st generation
Izetta Wrenshall 1815 – 2nd generation
Selina Izetta Wrenshall 1836 – 3rd generation
Izetta Selina Jones abt 1849 – 3rd generation
Izetta Jones Peers 1882 – 4th generation
Mary Izetta Watters 1890 – 5th generation
Mary Izetta Peers 1902 – 5th generation
Nancy Izetta Burden 1922 – 6th generation

The last five were born in Australia.

Genealogy Snapshot

Name: Izetta Jones (abt 1782-1864)
Parents:possibly George Jones and Mary Wilkinson
Spouse: William Wrenshall (1783-1854)
Spouse’s Parents:Joseph Wrenshall and Mary Hargraves 
Surnames: Jones, Wrenshall, Wilkinson, Hargraves, Watters
Relationship to Chris: 4x great grandmother

  1. Izetta Jones (abt 1782-1864) (4x great grandmother)
  2. Caroline Wrenshall (1813-1869) 3x great grandmother
  3. Henry Russell Jones (abt 1840-1890) (great, great grandfather)
  4. Caroline Jones (1866-1942) ( great grandmother)
  5. Mary Izetta Watters (1890-1966)
  6. Mother
  7. Chris

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