Same Name – Week 6



Izetta is an old English name that means ‘renowned for her beauty.’

The first Izetta in the family that I know of was Izetta Jones, born about 1782 in Cheshire, England. She married musician William Wrenshall in Liverpool, Lancashire. They had a daughter Izetta in 1815 and two granddaughters with Izetta as first or second name. One more generation and there was another with Izetta as a first name.

After that, there were no more Izettas as a first name, but the tradition has lived on with several descendants having their middle name as Izetta. The most recent that I am aware of was Chris’s aunt, Nancy Izetta Burden.

Baptism Certificate – Nancy Izetta Burden 1922

Izetta Jones abt 1783- 1st generation
Izetta Wrenshall 1815 – 2nd generation
Selina Izetta Wrenshall 1836 – 3rd generation
Izetta Selina Jones abt 1849 – 3rd generation
Izetta Jones Peers 1882 – 4th generation
Mary Izetta Watters 1890 – 5th generation
Mary Izetta Peers 1902 – 5th generation
Nancy Izetta Burden 1922 – 6th generation

The last five were born in Australia.

Genealogy Snapshot

Name: Izetta Jones (abt 1782-1864)
Parents:possibly George Jones and Mary Wilkinson
Spouse: William Wrenshall (1783-1854)
Spouse’s Parents:Joseph Wrenshall and Mary Hargraves 
Surnames: Jones, Wrenshall, Wilkinson, Hargraves, Watters
Relationship to Chris: 4x great grandmother

  1. Izetta Jones (abt 1782-1864) (4x great grandmother)
  2. Caroline Wrenshall (1813-1869) 3x great grandmother
  3. Henry Russell Jones (abt 1840-1890) (great, great grandfather)
  4. Caroline Jones (1866-1942) ( great grandmother)
  5. Mary Izetta Watters (1890-1966)
  6. Mother
  7. Chris

2 thoughts on “Same Name – Week 6

  1. Mimi Colette

    How nice to read this account of Louis Arthur Peers. Thank you for posting it. Louis and his wife Emily raised my grandmother Jean Dalziel in Zeehan from when she was born as her own mother, Emily’s sister and my great grandmother, Lilly Jessie Louise Dalziel nee Pegg, was unwell after giving birth to my grandmother and her twin sister. My grandmother adored her Uncle and aunt and their adopted daughter Girlie Peers, and spoke lovingly of them all her life and was devastated at having to return to live with her parents when Louis died in 1921. I’m currently researching the Peggs of Black River. Shall read all the links you’ve posted. many thanks again.
    Colette Barnes



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