George Gubbins (abt 1853-1933)


I didn’t know about my reputed 2x great grandfather George Gubbins until I received the birth certificate of my great grandfather John Willis, born in 1869. George wasn’t married to John’s mother, Ann Willis.The year of George Gubbins’s birth is a mystery. While details of his parents marriage in Cork, Ireland in 1831 and baptisms of two of his siblings can be found, there is nothing for George. According to the shipping list that recorded his family’s arrival in Adelaide in 1855, he was two years old at the time.

After John’s birth, George shows up in Melbourne, with the new name of Gibbins. He married a girl from South Australia in 1875.

George worked for a farming implement manufacturer, Hugh Lennon, for many years, taking over the management of the firm in about 1884. He started his own company sometime later. It was located in Footscray.

George Gibbins has his name on a number of patent applications. The image below is from one that he submitted in 1896 for “A machine or implement for sowing, pulverizing, harrowing and rolling land in one operation.”

R Sands and G Gibbins patent image

R Sands and G Gibbins patent for an implement for “sowing, pulverizing, harrowing and rolling land” 1896

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