Fresh Start – Week 1


Most descendants of emigrants to the Australian Colonies can expect that their ancestors came here to make a fresh start.

With James and Isabella Bennett, both born in Sebastopol, Victoria, the fresh start was when they moved to Western Australia after suffering a great loss. Two of their sons died in tragic accidents, only eighteen months apart. I wrote about those accidents here. This couple was the beginning of the paternal side of my West Australian ancestors.

Their third son, Walter Henry Bennett, my grandfather, was born in 1896. About the turn of the century, the family made the trip to the West Australian goldfields near Kalgoorlie, probably by ship and then overland from Albany or Fremantle. Two of James’s half brothers and families went as well, all eager for the fresh start that the gold might bring them.

Walter Henry Bennett
Walter Henry Bennett – photo was taken in Melbourne, possibly when the Bennetts were about to depart for WA

Genealogy Snapshot

Name: Walter Henry Bennett (1896-1934)
Parents: James Bennett (1872-1914) and Isabella Purcell (1875-1936) 
Spouse: Olive Willis (1896-1970)
Spouse’s Parents: John Willis (1869-1926) and Emmeline Grenfell (1874-1956)
Surnames: Bennett, Purcell, Willis, Grenfell
Relationship to Shelley: Walter is Shelley’s grandfather

  1. Walter Henry Bennett (1896-1934) (grandfather)
  2. Father
  3. Shelley

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