Emmeline Dulcinea Ann Grenfell (1874-1956)


Emmeline Dulcinea Ann Grenfell was one of my great grandmothers and the only one still alive when I was born. She was always referred to as Little Mumma or T-Mum by those descendants who knew her – my father and his generation, perhaps my older brothers as well.

Dulcinea, as she was called by others, was from a mining family. Her family travelled around the mining areas of South Australia, the remote Flinders Ranges, and goldfields in the Wadnaminga area along the current Barrier Highway towards Broken Hill.

Dulcinea married John Willis in 1892 at Broken Hill, and they moved to the Western Australian goldfields around Kalgoorlie several years later.

After John died in 1926, Dulcinea moved to Perth.

Death Notice for John Willis 1926

Death Notice for John Willis 1926

Dulcinea Willis recorded in Perth Rates Books 1929

Dulcinea Willis recorded at 43 RegentStreet, Leederville – in Perth Rates Books 1929

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