Edward Henry Caporn (1857-1938)


Edward Henry Caporn was born in Perth, Western Australia.

In 1909-1910, when the Midland Railway Company subdivided some of its land at Bullsbrook, Edward made purchases of several hundred acres. One parcel of land, 400 acres, cost him 5 shillings and sixpence an acre.

Edward Henry Caporn

Edward Henry Caporn

Several years later, Edward, with his wife Hannah and those children still living at home, moved from their market garden at Wanneroo to Bullsbrook. They lived in a 5-roomed mud brick house with a separate kitchen out the back and a pantry dug into an incline. They named it Dinton Vale. Quite likely, Edward had heard stories from his father about Dinton Castle in England, which was only a few miles from where the family lived in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire.

97 Smith Street Bullsbrook - location of Dinton Vale

97 Smith Street, Bullsbrook – location of Dinton Vale

Five acres of fruit trees were planted at Bullsbrook. Sheep and and a few cattle grazed, and pigs and poultry completed the farm animals. An unseasonal storm in December 1913 caused havoc, with the deluge washing soil from beneath the trees in the orchard and carrying the trees away in some instances.

Storm at Bullsbrook December 1913

Storm at Bullsbrook December 1913

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