Philip Henry Burden (1851-1902)


Philip Henry Burden was born in London before his parents, Philip and Mary, emigrated to South Australia.

Burden - cadet on Goyder Northern Territory Survey Expedition ca 1868

PH Burden, cadet draftsman on Goyder’s expedition to the Northern Territory. Photo approx 1868 – State Library of South Australia

When Philip was about 17 years old and a cadet draftsman, he accompanied the state’s Surveyor-General, George Goyder, on an expedition to the Northern Territory (at that time, part of South Australia). The team were to do a land survey and select a site for the capital. Goyder is most well known for mapping a line of demarcation in South Australia of arable land. North of the line, the land was considered suitable only for light grazing.

Burden Place in Darwin is named after Philip Burden.

PH Burden obituary 1902

PH Burden obituary 1902

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