Martin Barrett (1858-1940)


When Martin Barrett was baptised in 1858, his father, John, had enough resources to pay £1 2s 6d to the Catholic Church in Balla, Mayo for the service. This was an extra pound to that paid by all other parishioners on that page of the baptism records. The next highest payment for that whole year was 12 shillings and sixpence. The listed sponsors are possibly John’s siblings, the Reverend Father Matthew Barrett and Maria Barrett. I’m not convinced that the Maria is John’s sister Maria because she would have been married by this date, and I’m unsure if maiden names of sponsors are recorded like they are for the mother.

Baptism for Martin Barrett 1858

Baptism for Martin Barrett, 1858

These Barretts belonged to a wealthy Roscommon family. I’ve previously written about two of Martin’s brothers – Michael F Barrett and John Barrett, and also their father, John Barrett,

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