John Willis (1869-1926)


John Willis was born in Bowden, a suburb of Adelaide, in 1869. I have written previously about applying for John’s birth certificate.

John married Emmeline Dulcinea Ann Grenfell in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

This was about the time of the Western Australian gold discoveries at Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. Sometime after the birth of my grandmother Olive Ann Willis in 1896, the family moved across to the other side of Australia.

John worked as a fitter at the Ivanhoe Gold Mine in Boulder, Western Australia. Sadly, he was killed by an earth fall in that mine in 1926. (

John Willis in his garden at 91 Hopkins Street Boulder

John Willis in his garden at 91 Hopkins Street, Boulder

91 Hopkins Street - home of John Willis

91 Hopkins Street – home of John Willis

2 thoughts on “John Willis (1869-1926)

  1. Marilyn Arnup

    shelley how wonderful this is, I got a great thrill to open it up I can see I will have a lot of time exploring this. I have the photo of 92 hopkins st but not of the one of my grandfather in his garden, altho I had heard many stories when I was little about his wonderfull garden. ou have put so much time into this, and we should be forever grateful to you for it. what a legacy to leave our next generation.
    lots of love, Marilyn


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