Ruth Taylor (1838-1908)


In 1856, Ruth Taylor’s brother John returned to Oxfordshire from Western Australia, where he had emigrated to 15 years before. He obviously told his family of the opportunities in WA. When he left to return later that year, most of his siblings went with him – his two married sisters and husbands (with 7 children between them), two of his single sisters (including Ruth) and two single brothers. They all arrived on the Lady Amherst in February, 1857.

Ruth first married John Wansbrough in 1861 and then Johan Frederick Herold in 1869. She had seven children, with only four reaching adulthood.

Ruth Herold nee Taylor 1839-1908

Ruth Herold nee Taylor

Ruth Herold Bible - inside front cover

Ruth Herold Bible – inside front cover

This book is the property of
Mrs E C Fairs
Collier Rd
grandaughter of the
former owner
Feb 12 1939
Mrs Herold
27 Carr St
This bible
has been in our family
100 years 1968

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