Elizabeth Jessie Bainbridge (abt 1847-1938)


There is some mystery surrounding the birth and baptism of Elizabeth Jessie Bainbridge, my 2x great grandmother, daughter of John Bainbridge and Elizabeth Short. She wasn’t baptised until 1852, but she appears in the 1851 census, aged 4, with her mother. When Jessie (the name she was known as) was baptised in 1852, there was another child, Eliza Jane Bainbridge, parents Elizabeth and John, baptised at the same time.

Baptism 1852 Newcastle Northumberland Elizabeth Jessie and Eliza Jane Bainbridge

Baptism 1852 Newcastle Northumberland Elizabeth Jessie and Eliza Jane Bainbridge

From the UK Government Record Office, a birth for Elizabeth Bainbridge was registered in Newcastle Upon Tyne Union in the June quarter, 1847 and a birth for Elizabeth Jane Bainbridge was registered in Tynemouth Union in the September quarter 1848. The mother’s maiden name for both registrations was Short. Now, brothers John and Ralph Bainbridge married sisters Elizabeth and Mary Short. So that could be the explanation there. Could Elizabeth Jane belong to Ralph and Mary and the baptism registration in error? Perhaps it should have Ralph and Mary as Eliza Jane’s parents.

Elizabeth Bainbridge births 1847-48 GRO

Elizabeth Bainbridge births 1847-48 UK Government Record Office

No more records have been found for Eliza/Elizabeth Jane Bainbridge to solve the mystery.

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