Ann Pattinson (abt 1840-1904)


Ann Pattinson was my 2x great grandmother. She arrived in Australia in 1864 aboard the “Sam Cearns” with her husband John Tinkler and their three children. Ann’s sister Sarah Pattinson was also aboard. The Tinkler family went to live in Sebastopol, Victoria, where Ann spent the next 40 years.

Tinkler Family aboard Sam Cearns 1864

Tinkler Family aboard Sam Cearns 1864

John Tinkler was the first of Ann’s three husbands. Her second husband, Francis Bennett, is the one I am descended from.

Ann was born about 1840 in Chester-le-Street, Durham, England, a coal mining area to Robert Pattinson and Isabella Emmerson.

Ann is a good candidate for this weeks 52 Ancestors theme, which is longevity. Although she was only 64 when she died, she had 13 children and had been married 3 times.

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